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Sad not to have been able to join you but I hope my 100 miles ridden over a full working week help the total. You're all amazing.

July 31, 202101-08-2021

Proud to support this brilliant event again. Helping build a legacy in the name of this amazing woman, a true humanitarian and fantastic girl!

July 29, 202131-07-2021
Mohammad IrfanQureshiROAD50

I have done 50 miles

July 29, 202126-07-2021

Recently started cycling and building up. Pledge to do 7 - 15 miles every weekend for the next 4 weeks.

July 28, 202111-07-2021

Ridden all my local trails over the past few days - dedicated to Jo and what she stood for. Best wishes from down under.

July 28, 202128-07-2021

Went with daddy and my sister. I was tired. It wasn’t too hot. We had a drink at Pugneys cafe

July 28, 202124-07-2021

I’m 11 years old. Me and daddy and my little sister went on a 6 mile ride on Saturday. My sister was very tired. She doesn’t have gears so it was hard

July 28, 202124-07-2021
RoberttownCycling ClubROAD8963

Roberttown Cycling Club have pledged 10,241 miles in total!! This amazing achievement was done over the last few weeks come rain or shine. Brilliant!

July 27, 202127-07-2021

Hi yes

July 27, 202128-07-2021

Loosener 😳

July 25, 202125-07-2021
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